Boreing Sunday workout

Just got done with very very boreing Sunday workout, I mean like extra boreing, and the only reason I did workout is cause came up on randomley on 'to do list'.

Seems the older you get the faster your body gets out of shape than in shape, and recovery takes longer, and you usually don't feel it till mid way through next day.

Not really sure why I workout anymore to be honest, it's not as if anyone notices or cares anymore, I"m not into active dating at the moment, and even if so, seems after a certain point, women just stop caring about how in shape you are, and are more impressed by your income or social standing.

You could be a fat Mr Magoo type, and women would not care, as long as earned 6 figures.

I think most women stop caring about your body shortly after high school or college, then seems they just don't care, unless in show biz or professional athlete.

In fact most guys I see with women are totally out of shape, at least where I stay at, they work hard (I guess), look gruffy, but always have loving wife, or girlfriend.

I think it just depends on where you live, what area, city or rural, metropolitan or country, depends on the vibe.

The younger the population, the more being in shape matters, the closer to glam areas, like Vegas, Hollywood, Miami, ect, the more being in shape matters, but if live like in rural Arkansas, no one really cares what kind of shape you're in after high school and or college.

I also workout to counter other bad habits I have, like drinking, and doing tobacco now and then.

I rarely go to the doctor cause I eliminated sugar from 95% of my diet, no sweets, rarely any candy, I don't add sugar to cereal anymore or coffee or even tea, accept on rare occasions.

Sugar is death, never forget that, sugar kills lab mammals, humans are about the only mammals that indulge in sugar, thus cancers, diabetes and more.

Want to live longer and healthier, avoid sugar at all costs, accept as it occurs naturally in foods, and beside with todays processed foods, they already add a gob of sugar to just about everything you consume out of a can or box or bag.

I walk like I"m still 'young' in that I still have spring to me step, do to working out, I can still bend over, and bounce around as if a teenager still playing in back yard, cause I workout, and half heartedly at that, if I ever took my workouts more seriously and stopped drinking alcohol all together, I'd gain years and vitality.

But again, it all comes back to motivation, when older, single, and alone, motivation can be hard to come by, and is why competition is healthy, whether wrestling, on the side, boxing, bicycling, water sports and more, when competing with others it tends to make us want to do better, thus prioritize our fitness.

I'm not muscle freak either though, cause all that does is burn out your body, like former NFL football players who can barely walk now.

As age, must find healthy balance when working out, no need to kill self in gym if not getting paid to do so, otherwise will come back to bite you as you age.

Anyways, Sunday workout over, now onto other things, so trying to forget tomorrow is on the way, for I'm content and happy with 'now', this moment...later

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